The Step By Step Process For Pouring A New Concrete Driveway

Cox Concrete has been pouring concrete driveways and serving clients for more than 20 years. We have helped 100s of clients to realize their concrete dream projects. Here’s our step-by-step process that Cox Concrete follows for forming and pouring a new concrete driveway: 1. Site Preparation and Planning: 2. Excavation and Grading: 3. Installation of […]

What is Concrete Stamping And Why Is It So Popular?

Decorative Concrete Patio

Concrete stamping is a decorative technique used to transform regular concrete surfaces into visually appealing and textured patterns that resemble various materials like stone, brick, slate, or tile. This process involves manipulating freshly poured concrete using specialized tools and stamps to create intricate designs and textures. Here’s an overview of the concrete stamping process and […]

Why Project Managers Are The Most Important Person On A Concrete Project

Project managers indeed play a crucial role in concrete pour projects, but it’s important to acknowledge that success in construction projects often relies on the collaboration and coordination of various professionals. While project managers hold a significant position, the entire team, including engineers, concrete specialists, contractors, and laborers, contributes to a successful concrete pour. Here’s […]

Satisfaction Before Profits: The Cox Concrete Standard of Excellence

Cox Concrete focuses on satisfaction before profits. Before final payment, our team ensures the concrete job was done correctly, does a final walkthrough, and has fulfilled all promises to our clients. Prioritizing customer satisfaction before profits reflects a commitment to delivering high-quality work and building strong relationships.  Customer-Centric Approach: Placing customer satisfaction at the forefront […]

Constructing And Installing Retaining Walls: Step By Step

Constructing and installing a concrete retaining wall involves several steps and can vary in complexity depending on the size and design of the wall. Here’s a general step-by-step guide: 1. Planning and Preparation: 2. Site Preparation: 3. Building the Formwork: 4. Installing Reinforcement: 5. Mixing and Pouring Concrete: 6. Smoothing and Leveling: 7. Finishing and […]

What Is Infinity Seal And How Does It Protect Your Concrete?

Our infinity seal is sealing applied to concrete surfaces to provide protection, enhance durability, and improve aesthetics. The primary goal of our sealant is to provide long-lasting protection for our client’s concrete surfaces. Our Kelly & Roark Project included an infinity seal as a finish from a new stamped-concrete patio, sidewalk, retaining wall and steps. […]

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