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Our experience with concrete and stamped concrete driveway installation is second to none. COX Concrete has built many of the most beautiful concrete driveways in the Chattanooga area. COX offers a variety of concrete and stamped concrete driveways depending on the homeowner’s budget, design goals, and desired aesthetic. COX offers a complete range of driveway installation services and driveway replacement services.

Concrete sidewalks give your building an inviting look and a clear path for people to enter and exit. They save the grass and prevent bushes and plants from being trampled underfoot. While sidewalks may seem like a minor detail, not having them can cause a lot of issues. Our team has laid countless sidewalks over the years and we know how best to construct them. Make sure that your building plans include sidewalks and let COX Concrete help you design and create the sidewalks your building needs.


We are all about getting you the best value and our range of concrete patios do just that. You’ll enjoy your concrete patio for years and make many great memories as you relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. Get the most value out of the space your home provides for you.


We specialize in commercial and residential projects needing land clearing, grading, concrete pours, parking lot construction, driveways and turn lane construction, and utility site improvements.


COX Concrete is your local team of trusted concrete and masonry contractors equipped with the resources and experience to complete the outdoor construction project of your designs and desires. Whether you’re looking to install a new pool deck, repair a driveway, or build a beautiful retaining wall on your property, COX Concrete can construct to your specifications.


Let our fully-licensed Chattanooga concrete specialists go to work for you, starting with a personalized quote.

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